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ITE Hong Kong 2019 - 旅遊展問卷調查

(* must fill items 必須填寫項目)

The data collected in this questionnaire are for analyzing travel patterns and preferences, and only statistical results will be published. Your participation is very important to us, thank you for your support!
本問卷所收集回來的數據用作分析旅客外遊模式及喜好。 我們只公布統計結果,您的參與對我們非常重要,衷心感謝你的協助。

Your Profile 閣下資料
  • 1. Your Sex 受訪者性別 *
  • 2. Your age 閣下年齡介乎於*
  • 3. Your Education 教育程度*

Travel Mode 旅遊模式
  • 4. How would you like to travel? 你最愛的旅遊形式? *

Travel Booking Mode 旅遊訂購模式
  • 5. How did you purchase FIT / ticket + hotel package in the past 12 months? (Multiple answers are acceptable)閣下於過去12個月內是如何選購自由行 / 機票+酒店套餐? (可選多項)*
Travel Frequency 旅遊次數
  • 6. How many overseas holidays you had in the past 12 months (excluding day trip) 在過去12個月裡, 閣下有多少次離境度假? (不包括即日來回).*
Others 其他
  • 7. Which holiday destination(s) you visited in past 12 months OR interested to visit in next two years (Multiple answers are acceptable) 以下目的地閣下於過去1年曾到訪或未來1-2年內有興趣前往度假? (可選多項)
  • Visited last year過去1年曾到訪 *

  • please specify 請註明
  • Plan to visit within the next 2 years未來1-2年內有興趣前往度假 *

  • please specify 請註明
  • 8. Within past two years, have you joined tour group that starts outside Hong Kong? 過去兩年你在香港以外的地方有參加當地旅行團嗎? *
  • 9. Each year, what percentage of your salary after rent / mortgage you spend on overseas holiday(s)? 不計租金或供樓,每年你去旅行用去薪金百分比是多少?*
  • 10. Which of the following theme(s) you are interested?  (can choose multiple items)以下哪一種主題遊閣下最感興趣? ( 可選擇多項)*

  • please specify 請註明
  • 11. Which of the following experiences you are interested?  (can choose multiple items) 以下哪一種外遊體驗閣下最感興趣? ( 可選擇多項)*

  • please specify 請註明
  • 12. Which of the following in ITE are of interest? (Multiple answers are acceptable)
    閣下對旅遊展以下哪項有興趣? (可選多項)*

  • please specify 請註明